Mission and products

Our mission

At IXL Learning, we are passionate about creating and supporting the best educational technology possible. We develop first-of-their-kind products used by millions of learners, from children to adults. People count on us to make learning as effective as it can be, and we are deeply committed to solving the real-world challenges faced by students and teachers around the planet.

Our products

IXL Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math and language arts practice fun! IXL motivates students through interactive games and exercises while keeping teachers and parents informed and involved. With more than 4,000 skills spanning pre-school through high school, IXL offers a dynamic and enjoyable environment suitable for any learning style. Students who use IXL are succeeding like never before.

Quia Web Quia Web provides educators with tools to create, customize, and share their curricula online. Quia Web pioneered the "create-your-own" concept, giving educators the freedom to go beyond publisher-provided materials and create their own interactive, online experiences for their students. Through a thriving online community, teachers collaboratively develop and share their Quia-based materials, all the while contributing to a constantly expanding library of educational content.

Quia Books Quia Books are Web-based versions of workbooks and textbooks and are produced in partnership with the world's leading publishers. Built on our award-winning technology platform, Quia Books engage students and make the learning process more satisfying through interactive exercises full of vibrant color, sound, and images. Educators reap the timesaving benefits of computer-based grading and tracking and can fully customize Quia Books based on individual course materials.