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Whether your kids want to brush up on basics, do some extra practice, or get ahead in math and English, IXL can equip them with the tools to succeed. With more than 4,000 technology-enhanced skills from preschool to high school, you'll find exactly what you need to help your kids excel at school and beyond.

My girls have utilized your site since 2nd grade to excel at math. They are in advanced classes and receive A's in math, thanks to your site.
Michael Miller, parent
Annandale, Virginia, U.S.A.
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A personalized learning experience for your child

Just as your kids will learn from IXL, IXL learns from them. IXL adapts to your children, adjusting problem difficulty and complexity in response to their performance on each skill. By allowing kids to work at their own pace while challenging them with material that builds deeper comprehension of concepts, IXL provides every child with a one-of-a-kind journey to mastery.

This program takes the frustration out of math because it allows the student to practice at his or her own pace and stay focused. It's okay if you mark one wrong because another one will be waiting. This is a great tool to have.
Annette Wyscarver, parent of a 4th grader
California, U.S.A.
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Trusted by families worldwide

  • 1 in 10 students in the U.S. uses IXL
  • 16 billion questions answered and counting
  • As many as 12.8 million questions answered per hour
  • Used in more than 195 countries
  • Over 200,000 teachers in the U.S. use IXL
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Help when your kids need it

Everyone stumbles on the road to mastery, but you can count on IXL to be there to clear up any confusion. When children answer a question incorrectly, IXL provides immediate instruction and support. First, IXL reviews the foundational concepts of the problem, then walks through the problem step-by-step with the personal touch needed to foster an astute understanding of the skill.

I love IXL. It makes me feel so smart. I feel like I am always in control of what I am learning and that if at any time I need help, I can get it. I have not felt this way about any learning site in my life.
Tishawna S., student
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.
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A virtual toy box that
makes practice feel like play

IXL questions dazzle your kids, engaging them with math and English in a way that shows them the joy of learning. With captivating and interactive problem types that will have your kids measuring slugs, using graphs to save money, and interpreting figurative language in "Peter Pan," don't be surprised if your children spend hours learning.

I like the site's user-friendliness (even for children), the use of full color which makes it more engaging and fun, the quick responses the children get when they submit their answers, and the rewards (medals, etc.). My pre-K boy and 1st grade girl see IXL as fun and games, so they're motivated to do it.
Clinical psychologist
New Jersey, U.S.A.
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Courting curiosity to
cultivate lasting confidence

Your kids are curious by nature; that's why they keep asking all those questions! IXL quenches that thirst for knowledge with an encouraging, supportive environment. By bolstering students' belief that they can achieve mastery even if they're not quite there yet, IXL creates confident learners.

Halfway through the school year, we could tell our daughter wasn't mastering the math skills she needed. After just three weeks, her comprehension and confidence are definitely growing. I would recommend IXL to any parent who is concerned about their child's progress.
Jim Buffington, parent
Plano, Texas, U.S.A.
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IXL is the most comprehensive math product online, helping children succeed from pre-K to precalculus. IXL breaks down broad concepts into thousands of individual skills that build math mastery. You'll watch your kids get immersed in IXL's fun and engaging problems and develop a lifelong love of mathematics!

IXL is incredible. I am the youngest in my class, and my best subject is math. However, I never liked math until I started IXL. Because of IXL I am the best in my class and my sister also does advanced math with IXL.
8th grade student
Sammamish, Washington, U.S.A.
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English language arts

IXL's English language arts program is exactly what your children need to improve their writing, reading, and editing skills. IXL challenges kids with exposure to new vocabulary, questions that utilize reference materials, and problems that teach them to correct grammatical mistakes. With IXL's language arts program you can be sure your kids will learn the skills necessary to become clear and confident communicators for life.

IXL has affected my performance in school dramatically. I'm doing work faster, and I have a better understanding of the subject.
High school student
Marine City, Michigan, U.S.A.
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Membership benefits

  • Take IXL on the go! Download our free app today and make learning an anywhere, anytime experience!
  • Weekly updates keep you in the loop with a simple summary of all the important stats—sent right to your inbox.
  • Awards, ribbons, and medals reward and motivate your children as they master challenges.
  • Printable certificates are the perfect way to create a tangible reminder of your kids' achievements.
  • IXL's reporting suite offers an easy way to dive deeper into your children's progress with data to answer any question.
  • Standards aligned—looking to practice a particular state's standards? IXL has got you covered with a detailed breakdown.
  • Unrestricted access to all grade levels means your kids can practice any of IXL's 4,000+ skills that pique their interest.
  • Audio support for math from pre-K through 5th grade allows your children to tackle math regardless of reading level.
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