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Hawaii pre-K math standards

Alignments coming soon

IXL's pre-K skills will be aligned to the Hawaii Early Learning and Development Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of pre-K standards below. Be sure to check out the unlimited math practice problems in IXL's 42 pre-K skills.


PK.GK.KE.MN Mathematics and Numeracy

  • PK.GK.KE.MN.1 Number Sense

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.1.a Verbally count to 20 by ones

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.1.b Demonstrate ability to count in sequence

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.1.c Recognize and name written numerals to 10

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.1.d Count many kinds of concrete objects and actions up to 10 using one-to-one correspondence

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.1.e Count as many as 7 things in a scattered configuration with no errors

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.1.f Recognize, create, and repeat simple patterns

  • PK.GK.KE.MN.2 Operations

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.2.a Use a range of strategies, such as counting, subtracting, or matching to compare quantity in two sets of objects and describes the comparison with terms such as more, less, greater than, fewer, or equal to

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.2.b Count as many as 7 things in a scattered configuration with no errors

  • PK.GK.KE.MN.3 Measurement and Data

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.3.a Recognize the attributes of length, area, weight, and capacity of everyday objects and use appropriate vocabulary (e.g. long, short, light, big, small, wide, narrow)

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.3.b Compare the attributes of length and weight for 2 objects including: larger/shorter/same length; heavier/lighter/same, holds more, less, same

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.3.c Sort, classify, and serialize (puts in a pattern) objects using attributes, such as color, shape, or size

  • PK.GK.KE.MN.4 Geometry

    • PK.GK.KE.MN.4.a Use positional words to describe an object's location (e.g., up, down, above, under, inside, outside)