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Iowa pre-K math standards

Alignments coming soon

IXL's pre-K skills will be aligned to the Iowa Early Learning Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of pre-K standards below. Be sure to check out the unlimited math practice problems in IXL's 42 pre-K skills.


PK.12.1 Children understand counting, ways of representing numbers, and relationships between quantities and numerals.

  • PK.12.1.1 counts to five.

  • PK.12.1.2 counts objects, pointing to each one correctly while counting.

  • PK.12.1.3 uses language such as more or less to compare quantities.

  • PK.12.1.4 begins to recognize small quantities without counting them.

  • PK.12.1.5 starts recognizing and naming of numbers.

PK.12.2 Children understand patterns.

  • PK.12.2.1 recognizes and creates patterns moving from simple to complex.

  • PK.12.2.2 predicts what comes next in a pattern.

PK.12.3 Children understand shapes and spatial relationships.

  • PK.12.3.1 demonstrates understanding of spatial words such as up, down, over, under, top, bottom, inside, outside, in front, and behind.

  • PK.12.3.2 identifies 2- and 3-dimensional shapes.

  • PK.12.3.3 notices characteristics, similarities, and differences among shapes, such as corners, points, edges, and sides.

  • PK.12.3.4 notices how shapes fit together and can be taken apart to form other shapes.

PK.12.6 Children understand comparisons and measurement.

  • PK.12.6.1 sorts, classifies, and puts objects in series, using a variety of properties.

  • PK.12.6.2 makes comparisons between several objects based on one or more attributes, such as length, height, weight, and area, using words such as taller, shorter, longer, bigger, smaller, heavier, lighter, full, empty, length, height, and weight.

  • PK.12.6.3 measures objects using non-standard units of measurement, such as using blocks to determine how tall a child is.

  • PK.12.6.4 develops an awareness of simple time concepts within his/her daily life such as yesterday, today, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, and night.