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Pennsylvania fifth-grade math standards

Alignments coming soon

IXL's fifth-grade skills will be aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of fifth-grade standards below. Be sure to check out the unlimited math practice problems in IXL's 309 fifth-grade skills.


5.CC.2.1.5 Numbers and Operations

  • 5.CC.2.1.5.A Counting & Cardinality

  • 5.CC.2.1.5.B Number & Operations in Base Ten

    • 5.CC.2.1.5.B.1 Apply place-value concepts to show an understanding of operations and rounding as they pertain to whole numbers and decimals.

    • 5.CC.2.1.5.B.2 Extend an understanding of operations with whole numbers to perform operations including decimals.

  • 5.CC.2.1.5.C Number & Operations - Fractions

    • 5.CC.2.1.5.C.1 Use the understanding of equivalency to add and subtract fractions.

    • 5.CC.2.1.5.C.2 Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication and division to multiply and divide fractions.

5.CC.2.2.5 Algebraic Concepts

  • 5.CC.2.2.5.A Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    • 5.CC.2.2.5.A.1 Interpret and evaluate numerical expressions using order of operations.

    • 5.CC.2.2.5.A.4 Analyze patterns and relationships using two rules.

5.CC.2.3.5 Geometry

  • 5.CC.2.3.5.A Geometry

    • 5.CC.2.3.5.A.1 Graph points in the first quadrant on the coordinate plane and interpret these points when solving real world and mathematical problems.

    • 5.CC.2.3.5.A.2 Classify two-dimensional figures into categories based on an understanding of their properties.

5.CC.2.4.5 Measurement, Data, and Probability

  • 5.CC.2.4.5.A Measurement and Data

    • 5.CC.2.4.5.A.1 Solve problems using conversions within a given measurement system.

    • 5.CC.2.4.5.A.2 Represent and interpret data using appropriate scale.

    • 5.CC.2.4.5.A.4 Solve problems involving computation of fractions using information provided in a line plot.

    • 5.CC.2.4.5.A.6 Apply concepts of volume to solve problems and relate volume to multiplication and to addition.