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Custom-built skill plans

Take the guesswork out of lesson planning with skill plans aligned to California State Standards and LAUSD textbooks.

View LAUSD skill plans

Skill plans implementation guide

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Real-Time Diagnostic: Your go-to source for student insights

Assess students and track their growth in real time, then get personalized, actionable next steps to help them progress even more!

IXL SmartScore: Setting meaningful goals for your students

See how the SmartScore is designed to give the best possible information on students' true understanding of a skill.

Live Classroom: Assessing students in real time

Support meaningful instruction with a teacher‑favorite feature!

Communicate with parents

Share resources with parents

Share these resources with parents to give them an overview of IXL and show how they can support learning at home.

IXL Analytics guide for parents

Help parents stay in the loop on what their child has been working on! This guide shows them easy ways to check their child's progress and see what they might need help with.

Real-Time Diagnostic guide for parents

Show families how to use the Real-Time Diagnostic to assess their child's learning in three easy steps.