IXL Analytics

Reports that are more than just numbers

Immediate insights into student performance

Discover student strengths and weaknesses in a whole new way! Every time students practice, IXL Analytics keeps you in the loop about their progress. Real-time, relevant data solves the mystery of how students are doing and empowers you to take action to help them.

Valuable information at your fingertips

IXL transforms your students' practice data into straightforward insights that help you focus on what's important. Just a few clicks will reveal your students' growth, trouble spots, and even their readiness for standardized testing.

Data for more efficient teaching

We know you're short on time—that's why IXL's reports give you the practical details that enable you to choose the best teaching strategies. With IXL Analytics, you can discover exactly what your students need and address their problems more effectively.

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Analytics at School

Monitor class progress live

View student practice in real time. Know if your students are on task and immediately assist those who are struggling.

Support struggling students

See exactly which question types your students are stuck on and identify groups of students for targeted intervention.

Assess progress at a glance

Get a bird's-eye view of your students' growth over the school year and even see their progress toward meeting state standards!

Plan for 1:1 sessions

Dive deep into a student's practice history and performance to prepare for individual coaching and to give personalized guidance.

I had a student that was struggling and I could not figure out what she was struggling with. But IXL's Analytics allowed me to see that what she couldn't do was add and subtract integers—she could multiply and divide them—but not add and subtract. So without that data, I would never have been able to figure out where she was struggling.

Nancy Foote, teacher
Sossaman Middle School, Higley, AZ

Analytics at Home

IXL Analytics makes it a breeze for parents to get involved in their children's learning. Follow your children's practice sessions and help them reach their full potential!

See what skills children are practicing

Identify potential trouble spots

Review missed questions together

Track their progress as they improve

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