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We're constantly adding new skills for pre-kindergarten through high school! Keep an eye out for even more ways for students to practice math. From exciting and interactive to rigorous and cognitively demanding, IXL skills cover it all!

Language arts

Language arts for first grade is coming soon! Budding readers and writers will unlock the world of words with fun, interactive questions covering parts of speech to synonyms and antonyms to multiple-meaning words—and develop an early curiosity about language in the process. The skills are tailored to young learners, with audio support and increased text size, as well as more than 900 pictures to help them engage with grammar and vocabulary.


Second through fifth grade is here, and more grade levels and topics are on the way! With IXL science, students learn about the world around them through engaging content aligned to state standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Interactive skills covering everything from plant life cycles to fossils and properties of matter will foster students' curiosity and build a lifelong love of science.

You tell us!

Your ideas are important to us. If you have suggestions for how to make IXL even better, let us know!