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There's no limit to what you can accomplish on IXL, especially now that calculus has arrived! With our carefully crafted skills, students will dive in to limits, continuity, derivatives, and more. Even the toughest concepts are within reach—we break down complex topics into manageable pieces, and detailed explanations help students learn from their mistakes and get back on the road to mastery. Next, stay tuned for new math content, including more exciting calculus skills!

Language arts

Reading skills for third grade through fifth grade are here! Budding bookworms will practice rereading, comparing texts, making predictions and inferences, and identifying poetic devices. They'll also have fun with full-length stories as they learn to recognize elements like characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution. And with new first grade phonics skills, students can practice letter sounds, learn new words, and more. Interactive, kid-friendly question types and colorful illustrations keep children engaged as they start a new chapter of learning.


IXL introduces science for middle school! Using relevant real-world examples, colorful photos, and diagrams, IXL Science encourages critical thinking and scientific curiosity. Students will explore skills that are fully aligned to state standards and Next Generation Science Standards, covering everything from ecosystems and genetics to the scientific method.

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