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There's no limit to what you can accomplish on IXL, especially now that calculus has arrived! With our carefully crafted skills, students will dive in to limits, continuity, derivatives, and more. Even the toughest concepts are within reach—we break down complex topics into manageable pieces, and detailed explanations help students learn from their mistakes and get back on the road to mastery. Next, stay tuned for new math content, including more exciting calculus skills!

Language arts

Introduce budding readers and writers to the world of words with new language arts content for pre-K and kindergarten! Young students will learn to sound out words with phonics, develop their reading and grammar skills, and build their vocabulary. IXL's engaging and age-appropriate question types feature more than 1,500 fun images, a variety of interactive skills, and audio support—captivating kids and cultivating their curiosity about language.


Second through fifth grade is here, and middle school content is on the way! With IXL science, students learn about the world around them through engaging content aligned to state standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Interactive skills covering everything from plant life cycles to fossils and properties of matter will foster students' curiosity and build a lifelong love of science.

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