Training options

Implementation training for site license schools

Our best practices session will cover all the essentials you need to get started and be successful with IXL. In addition, one of our dedicated account managers is always available to assist teachers and administrators with technical and instructional support. The IXL professional services team is an invaluable resource for our site license customers. Get started with the IXL implementation training to help you get the most out of your IXL subscription.

IXL best practices

Topics include:

  • Understanding what IXL is meant to accomplish
  • Developing implementation strategies to differentiate instruction
  • Navigating the IXL teacher experience
  • Experiencing IXL Analytics and teacher resources
  • Request training

Premium professional development packages

For schools and districts that would like a more extensive training experience, IXL offers premium professional development packages. Our training team will design a custom session tailored to each school's needs, resources, and interests. Options include additional or expanded webinar sessions and full-day on-site trainings. To receive a quote on a customized package for your school or district, please fill out the training request form.

Below are the premium professional development options available:

Response to intervention

Topics include:

  • Using IXL data tracking to identify individual student needs
  • Implementing IXL for Tiers 1, 2, and 3
  • Employing strategies for differentiating instruction and remediation
  • Request training

Data-driven instruction

Topics include:

  • Generating reports with IXL Analytics
  • Utilizing data to inform instruction
  • Navigating the student/parent report experience
  • Request training

Motivation strategies

Topics include:

  • Incentivizing practice with IXL game boards
  • Rewarding students with personalized certificates
  • Recognizing individual student progress through detailed reports
  • Request training

Differentiation with IXL
(SPED, ELL, Gen Ed, Gifted)

Topics include:

  • Implementation strategies
  • Identifying greatest needs and creating small groups
  • Selecting IXL skills based on students' areas of need
  • Monitoring progress for small groups
  • Request training

Incorporate IXL into your lessons

Topics include:

  • Matching IXL to state standards
  • Connecting IXL to class instruction
  • Using reports to track student success with state standards
  • Choosing skills based specifically on current or future curriculum
  • Request training

Blended learning strategies for IXL

Topics include:

  • Creating guidelines for students' self-pacing through IXL content
  • Setting parameters for student practice in various learning environments
  • Identifying effective ways to utilize technological devices in the classroom
  • Determining the appropriate Blended Learning model(s) for your students
  • Request training

Prepare for assessments

Topics include:

  • Identifying problem areas early and using IXL remediation tools
  • Creating targeted lessons and practice routines to build fluency
  • Using IXL to prepare students for PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments
  • Request training