Software engineer intern program

Shaping the future of EdTech - one summer at a time

The IXL Software Engineer Intern Program offers undergraduate and graduate computer science and engineering students first-hand exposure to the product development process at IXL. You will gain valuable real-world engineering experience, learning amongst a talented team of smart, creative, and fun engineers.

As an intern, you will work as a full-fledged member of our engineering team adding features to the IXL site. You'll be involved in all aspects of the development process—including design, coding, testing, debugging, and tuning. The features you build will have an effect on millions of learners and educators around the world.

Join the IXL intern team and really make an impact this summer!

What we're looking for

We're on the lookout for talented go-getters to participate in our Software Engineer Intern Program. If you have a strong academic background, are passionate about improving education through technology, and are eager to work on something you believe in, we want to meet you!

In addition, you must also meet the following qualifications at the time that you apply:

  • Pursuing a bachelor's or advanced degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.
  • Have a solid grasp of general programming principles, strong analytical-reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent programming skills in Java or other object-oriented language.
  • Knowledge of Unix, Java, SQL, JavaScript, CSS is a plus.


Dalton Boll - I'm Dalton Boll, and I interned at IXL in the summer and fall of 2016. I chose to work at IXL because I'm passionate about education through technology, and IXL takes that to a whole new level. Sugarcane, the product and team that I worked on, is all about learning through fun and games!

As a member of the Sugarcane team, I worked... Read more> on both server-side and client-side projects. I was always treated like a full time employee, and all of my projects made it into production. I was immersed in Scala and React, among various other tools that I was unfamiliar with at the beginning of my internship. While learning a new language, library, and other tools seemed scary at first, I'm so glad that I was challenged to be the best Software Engineer that I can be. I truly learned so much, and I grew to love the tools that my team uses.

Outside of the wonderful company vision and the fun projects, I also love the people who work at IXL. Everyone is so kind, helpful, passionate, and fun to be around. There are so many exciting ways to get involved with fellow IXL employees. I joined the IXL soccer team, played volleyball during lunch, went to company socials, and went ziplining for a team outing with employees that I don't normally see on a day-to-day basis. The work that I got to do every day was very enjoyable, and the people made it even better!

I'll be returning to IXL as a full-time Software Engineer, and I can't wait!

Mallika Mathur - I'm Mallika Mathur, and I interned at IXL for the summer of 2015 and winter of 2016. I chose to intern at IXL because I wanted to work on something meaningful to me, and helping people learn is something I'm passionate about. Plus, IXL is a small company, so I had the opportunity to work on more significant projects than at a bigger company.... Read more>

Through the interview process, I found that the culture at IXL was friendly and fun. My on-campus interview felt more like a conversation about a cool problem than an interview. When my internship started, I found that IXL has great mentorship for interns. I had a mentor on my team who welcomed me to the company and answered all my questions. My manager asked me about my goals for my internship, and created opportunities for me to learn about what most interested me.

I had a great experience in my summer internship, and came back to IXL for another internship in the winter. I was on the Product team in the summer, and the Core Tech team in the winter. On the Product team, my main project was the suggested skills feature. I worked on the feature from start to finish, and by the end of the summer, I got to see it in production! On the Core Tech team, I'm working on improving a tool that is widely used by engineers in the company, and may even be open-sourced someday.

I would recommend an internship at IXL to any student who wants to learn a lot while making an impact on educational technology.

Brandon Ewonus - I chose to work at IXL because it's a company devoted to a good cause–improving education through fun and effective technology that students love. I worked on the English Language Arts (ELA) team as a software engineering intern writing question generators and helping to improve existing interactive gradable components used in ELA... Read more> problems. For me, IXL was a great learning experience; it was exciting to be able to work with industry code right from the start, and to see my code in production on the website shortly after. At the end of the internship, I was even able to present some of my work to the rest of the team. The company is moderately sized, but growing, and I was able to interact with members of different teams and the other interns regularly. As an athletic guy, I enjoyed the weekly volleyball, soccer and basketball games, and frequented the on-site fitness center as well. I would definitely recommend IXL's internship programme!

Casey Maher - My name is Casey Maher and I was a Software Engineering Intern for IXL during the summer of 2014. As I went through the interview process I could tell that IXL would be a great place to work because of the challenging engineering problems being solved as well as the meaningful impact they... Read more> made.

I worked on the content team during my internship, which is the engineering team that writes the code to algorithmically generate the problems that students will solve. My experience with Java and object-oriented problem solving were helpful on this team, but I still gained a ton of new knowledge. Part way through my internship I was assigned to work on a front-end component, something I didn't have much experience with, but by the time I had finished the assignment I had learned a great deal more.

What was perhaps best about the internship was the fact that I didn't feel much different from a full-time employee, besides leaving after three months. I had many of the same responsibilities as my co-workers who were eager to help me out when I needed it. In fact, after just two months, I was able to see some of my own work in production. So, I would definitely recommend the IXL internship for any students looking to have a great experience with a tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stephie Wu - I was scoping out internships my junior year when I stumbled upon IXL at a career fair. I had taught for a couple of high school programs, so the fact that IXL was an educational technology company was definitely a plus.

I tend to find interviews pretty intimidating, but my interview experience with IXL was actually very positive! The... Read more> engineers who interviewed me were down-to-earth and personable, which wasn't the case in many of my other technical interviews. So, when I received an offer, I decided to accept and give IXL a try.

Over the summer, I worked on the content team, writing code to generate Algebra 2 problems for IXL Math. I was an intern, but I worked on projects alongside the full-time engineers, and my projects went live on the IXL website shortly after I left to return to school. I'll admit that on release day, I eagerly hopped online to practice the math problems that I wrote just to see them in action (and make sure they worked)!

I worked hard at IXL, but I also played hard. My summer was filled with tasty lunches in downtown San Mateo, massages, scavenger hunting, birthday celebrations, fancy bowling, new friends, and great memories. Since I had such a good time at my internship, I decided to return to the content team at IXL after graduation. The company's been growing, so there are many new faces, in addition to the familiar ones. I'm excited to be back in such good company!

This could be you!

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