The IXL Continuous Diagnostic

The IXL Continuous Diagnostic is the world's first undercover assessment, delivering up-to-the-minute information on student knowledge with no testing time needed.

No testing time required

The Continuous Diagnostic works constantly in the background to analyze student knowledge across the curriculum. Teachers get accurate, ongoing assessment without having to administer a single test.

Always up-to-date information

Since the IXL Continuous Diagnostic is constantly working to build a portrait of current student knowledge, teachers can make decisions based on always accurate, up-to-the-minute information.

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Personalized action plans

IXL gives teachers precise, personalized action plans for every student so that they always know exactly how to differentiate their instruction.

Positive student experience

For students, the Continuous Diagnostic doesn't feel like a regular test. Students simply answer a few diagnostic questions a week as part of their work on IXL, making it a safe, low-pressure experience.

Seamless integration
makes personalized learning possible

Find out how the Continuous Diagnostic combines with our curriculum and analytics to impact student learning.

IXL Curriculum & Guidance

The IXL Continuous Diagnostic guides students automatically to the exact skills they need in the IXL Curriculum, allowing teachers to move effortlessly from assessment to personalized instruction.

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IXL Analytics

Using data from both the Continuous Diagnostic and the IXL Curriculum, IXL Analytics gives teachers a rich, actionable portrait of student learning and growth.

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