Classroom integration

Take the work out of homework

For a fun spin on homework that your students will love, have your class work on IXL skills from home. You can easily pick out skills that correspond to your lesson for the day, and then have your students reinforce their understanding of those skills on IXL. The next day, use IXL Analytics to make sure that your students completed their assignments, and to see how well they did!

Pair up IXL and your electronic whiteboard

IXL is compatible with all electronic whiteboards, so project the site onto your classroom e-board and involve the entire class! Have your students answer questions in turn, or even make a competition out of it. For added fun, make it a relay race—the fastest team with the most correct answers wins! You'll love how excited your students will be to show you what they've learned on IXL.

Make the most of your lab time

Since IXL is accessible from anywhere, it's the perfect way to make sure your students are learning valuable skills in your computer lab. Give your class some IXL topics to work on, and be ready to marvel at how much fun they have earning medals and awards for mastering skills. Plus, the lab is one place you'll be happy to have real-time progress updates—use IXL Analytics to make sure everyone stays on task.