IXL offers a fun, motivating way for students to gain confidence and improve their skills in math, language arts, science, and social studies. Here are a few of the features that make IXL a great solution for intervention classrooms:

  • Access to all grade levels on IXL.

    IXL offers over 6,000 skills for grades K–12 in math and language arts—and new science and social studies content for grades 2–5! Students can access all grade levels within each subject, which means they can always go back a level or two for review. Teachers can even hide the grade levels on IXL, which fosters an encouraging learning environment for students.
  • Perfect pacing for every student.

    IXL automatically adapts to each student's individual skill level. If a student is struggling with a topic, questions will get a little bit easier until the student proves he or she is ready to move on to tougher challenges.
  • Watch your students grow with improvement reporting.

    IXL Analytics features a progress and improvement report designed to show how your students have progressed over time. With real-time updating and custom report settings, you have every tool you need to assess your students' improvement and quickly pinpoint trouble spots.