Language arts

IXL brings language arts to life! We offer a wealth of standards-aligned skills in vocabulary and grammar for grades pre-K–12.

Just the content you're looking for

From comparative adjectives to irregular plurals to subordinating conjunctions, we've got the content your students need to become word wizards! Are you covering verbs in class? Reinforce your lessons with IXL, where we offer multiple verb skills for grades pre-K–12. Students get access to all grades, so there's nothing stopping them from moving ahead when they're feeling confident about a topic, or going back a grade level for a little review. Are they having trouble with a particular skill? We provide a detailed, question-specific explanation whenever students answer a question incorrectly, so they can try to learn from their own mistakes before asking the teacher for help.

Language arts at its most engaging

IXL language arts offers a variety of interactive question types designed to capture students' attention. Students' abilities will soar as they interact with engaging texts, correct grammatical errors, and decode new words in a variety of contexts. IXL's questions adapt to students' abilities, becoming easier if they're struggling and harder if they're excelling. This creates an encouraging learning environment where they can take things at their own pace, but where they still feel challenged to do their best.