Standards prep

Content that just fits

State standards preparation begins with effective, meaningful practice, and IXL offers a wide world of skills designed to fit your state's standards. In true IXL style, our problems are meant to develop genuine understanding and retention of each topic, so you can feel confident that your students' success will extend beyond just mastering state testing. For a complete list of your state's curriculum standards and the abundance of IXL skills that correlate to each one, click here.

IXL Analytics

IXL offers real-time reports that give you all the information you need to prepare your students for standardized testing. Our state standards reports can help you devise the perfect strategy for your class by tracking which standards your students have mastered, and which you haven't covered yet. IXL can even pinpoint the exact skills your students still need to review in order to raise their readiness level, so you can focus your instruction on the topics that matter most.

Here are a few of the powerful tools available through IXL's state standards reporting:

  • A breakdown of the IXL skills that comprise each standard, and how your students are progressing on each.
  • A trouble spots report that identifies standards that your students need to review.
  • Summaries of which standards your students have practiced, and which they haven't started yet.
  • Suggestions for skills that your students should practice in order to raise their standards scores.
  • One-click access to detailed data for each skill, showing time practiced, problems answered, and more.