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IXL is an award-winning learning program that motivates more than 7 million students to explore new concepts, master foundational skills, and build confidence.
About IXL
IXL Learning is dedicated to creating the best educational technology possible. Since 1998, IXL's innovations have helped solve real-world challenges faced by students and teachers. Currently used by 1 in 9 students in the U.S. and by schools in 95 of the 100 top districts, IXL is an integrated learning platform that effectively supports personalized learning. Featuring a comprehensive curriculum, the IXL Continuous Diagnostic, and real-time Analytics, IXL delivers superior practice and actionable insights that provide a clear path toward mastery. In studies of nearly 35,000 schools across 10 states, IXL schools consistently outperformed non-IXL schools, ranking as much as 16 percentile points higher on state assessments. IXL Learning is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with a second office in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Quick facts
50 billion
questions answered total
7 million
active students worldwide
1 in 9
students in the U.S. use IXL
190 countries
using IXL worldwide
30 million
questions answered per day
Our leadership team
Paul Mishkin
Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Gu
Chief Operating Officer
John Harrington
Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Kent
Chief Technology Officer
Jim Coulon
Vice President, Sales
Terri Coats
Vice President, Customer Success
Kate Mattison
Vice President, Curriculum
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