IXL math features skills to go along with every lesson your children will learn in school. From arithmetic to algebra, fractions to measurement, we offer the most complete math coverage on the Web.

Content that just keeps coming

Quite literally an unlimited number of math problems awaits each child who signs in to IXL. And if that alone is impressive, IXL doesn't stop there. Our math offerings comprise every topic they will learn in class; while some programs may offer a few practice skills on fractions, IXL proudly offers over 350. We cover everything because it matters. And with so many practice problems available, every child can keep working until they “get it.”

Math from every angle

IXL approaches each math topic from multiple angles. We offer an unmatched array of word problems, visual representations, interactive activities, and more. Children encounter everything from typed responses and multiple-choice questions to our innovative draw-your-own graphing problems. Our multi-dimensional approach to learning keeps kids excited about math and, more importantly, ensures that they retain all of the skills they master throughout the year.

Let's get real

On IXL, children are especially motivated by realizing that math is useful. Our program is infused at every level with real-life math problems that engage your child's mind. IXL's math problems encourage kids to think and to recognize how math is part of their everyday life. From shopping for bargains to using a compass, from telling the time to making mathematical predictions, your children will love applying their math skills to real-life situations.