IXL Analytics

Data so intuitive, it's fun

IXL brings you data that's actually fun! Watch your students' progress live to feel the excitement of seeing a milestone reached in real time. Immerse yourself in easy-to-understand visualizations that make each student's practice come alive. Discover unexpected insights at every turn and experience the delight of IXL Analytics.

Insights that work for you

Because each of our nine reports is rooted in the daily instruction strategies teachers actually use, IXL Analytics fits seamlessly into your day-to-day teaching. You won't have to wonder if your students are on track—real-time analytics, along with school-year data, inform your lesson plans. IXL Analytics even gives you unprecedented insight into homework: see when and where your students are practicing. Whatever your classroom setup, IXL Analytics provides real solutions and support for lab settings, 1:1 and flipped classrooms, rotational models, and small group work.

Reach peak performance

IXL Analytics gives you never-before-seen insight into your students' strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to take action to help them reach their full potential. Find the exact item types that your students are stuck on and even see how your entire class is progressing toward meeting state standards. IXL Analytics brings into focus relevant data, so you can concentrate on what you do best: teach.

To unlock the power of IXL Analytics, join IXL today! Your students will get instant access to unlimited practice, and IXL Analytics will provide immediate insights as soon as they begin.