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Welcome to IXL!

Please note, that this is the sign-in page for Middle and Upper School students.  For access to the Lower School IXL page, please use enter @lower after your login. 
Over the summer, students at Cape Henry Collegiate School are expected to complete online math work designed to maintain and extend foundational math skills over the extended break.  Through use of the website IXL (, students have access to a comprehensive math practice site with an unlimited number of math practice questions in hundreds of skills--all of which are aligned with the CHC math curriculum and standards.  In addition to making math practice exciting, IXL is designed to help your child learn at his or her own pace.  The website is adaptive and will adjust to your child’s demonstrated ability level.  The site also saves all of your child’s results, so that student progress can be monitored both at home and at school.  Please note that each student’s account will be billed a $10 technology fee for access to the IXL program.  This one-time fee will include access to the program for the summer as well as throughout the school year. 
Below is the login information students will need to complete the online summer math work.  Should you have any questions about these assignments or how to use IXL please contact Mrs. Amanda Hayes, Director of the Middle School, via phone (757-963-8249) or email ( 
Thank you in advance for your support! 
IXL Login Information  
Students must be enrolled at Cape Henry to have access to the IXL website.  Student usernames and passwords are currently active and students may log in at anytime.  Please follow the steps below to log in. 
Go to  The username should be your child’s network login (first initial, middle initial, last name, last two digits of graduation year) followed by @capehenry, and the password is “dolphin”.  For example, for Jane Marie Doe (Class of 2018), the username and password would be as follows: 
Username: jmdoe18@capehenry 
Password: dolphin 
When your child enters IXL, he/she should click on the tab for the GRADE LEVEL THAT HE/SHE HAS JUST COMPLETED and then choose the topics indicated on the requirements for their rising grade level.   
Please refer to the Middle School Summer Math requirements for specific information regarding the activities requirements for your grade level.