Welcome to IXL!

Logon is your <first initial>+<Last name>.  Example My first name begins with an M and my last name is Clarke so my logon would be mclarke.  If there is more than one person with this pattern then my logon would be followed by a number.  If you are unsure them email me. 
Please make sure you change your password after making sure the login belongs to you. Some of you have the same first initial and last name!  If you have trouble logging in please email Ms. Clarke at mclarke@cliffsidepark.edu include your name and your school id number. 
Default Passwords are as follows: 
6th grade: student123 
7th grade: abc123 
8th - 12th grades:  abc 
If you have used IXL last year and changed this password then your password will be whatever you changed it to. Please include an email address so IXL will send you password update information in case you forget it. 
Your assignment is a review of material that you will need for your new math class and you will be tested on this material in September.   Learn how to do all the skills assigned, the IXL sections are your practice. The completion of the sections may count as a grade by your new teacher. Try to get at least 80% correct. 
Practice helps reinforce skills and prepares you for your next year math lessons. Have a wonderful summer but don't forget what you've learned last year! 
~Ms. Clarke 
Mathematics Supervisor 

Teachers, have an activation key?

Not from Cliffside Park School District?