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Skills available for Arizona third-grade social studies standards

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1 American History

2 World History

  • 1 Research Skills for History

    • PO 1 Use timelines to identify the time sequence of historical data.

    • PO 2 Recognize how archaeological research adds to our understanding of the past.

    • PO 3 Use primary source materials (e.g., photos, artifacts, interviews, documents, maps) and secondary source materials (e.g., encyclopedias, biographies) to study people and events from the past.

    • PO 4 Retell stories to describe past events, people and places.

  • 2 Early Civilizations

    • PO 1 Recognize how government (beginnings of democracy), mythology, art, architecture, and the Olympics in Ancient Greece contributed to the development of their own and later civilizations.

    • PO 2 Discuss the contributions of Ancient Greek teachers/philosophers (e.g., Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) whose thinking contributed to the development of their own and later civilizations.

    • PO 3 Recognize how representative government, mythology, architecture (e.g., aqueducts), and language (e.g., Latin) in Ancient Rome contributed to the development of their own and later civilizations.

    • PO 4 Discuss the contributions of political and military leaders of Ancient Rome (e.g., Julius Caesar, Augustus, Constantine) whose actions influenced their own and later civilizations.

  • 3 World in Transition

  • 4 Renaissance and Reformation

  • 5 Encounters and Exchange

    • PO 1 Describe how the search for a Northwest Passage to Asia led to the exploration and settlement of Canada.

    • PO 2 Discuss European global explorations (e.g., Columbus, Magellan, Henry Hudson, Vasco da Gama, Balboa).

  • 6 Age of Revolution

  • 7 Age of Imperialism

  • 8 World at War

  • 9 Contemporary World

    • PO 1 Describe current events using information from class discussions and various resources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, books, maps).

3 Civics/Government

4 Geography

5 Economics

  • 1 Foundations of Economics

    • PO 1 Identify how scarcity requires people to make choices due to their unlimited wants and needs.

    • PO 2 Identify opportunity costs in personal decision-making situations.

    • PO 3 Identify goods and services (e.g., fire and police protection, immunizations, library) provided by local government.

    • PO 4 Give examples of trade in the local community (e.g., farmers supply the grocer).

    • PO 5 Discuss reasons (e.g., labor, raw materials, energy resources) why some goods are made locally and some are made in other parts of the United States and world.

    • PO 6 Discuss how producers use natural, human, and capital resources to create goods and services.

  • 2 Microeconomics

    • PO 1 Discuss different ways individuals can earn money.

  • 3 Macroeconomics

  • 4 Global Economics

  • 5 Personal Finance

    • PO 1 Discuss costs and benefits of personal spending and saving choices.