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Skills available for Arizona eighth-grade social studies standards

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5 Economics

  • 1 Foundations of Economics

  • 2 Microeconomics

    • PO 1 Identify the functions and relationships among various institutions (e.g., business firms, banks, government agencies, labor unions, corporations) that make up an economic system.

    • PO 2 Explain the impact of government investment in human capital:

      • a health (e.g., immunizations)

      • b education (e.g., college grants, loans)

      • c training of people (e.g., Job Corps)

    • PO 3 Explain the impact of government investment in physical capital (e.g., NASA, transportation.)

    • PO 4 Describe how income for most people is determined by the value of the goods and services they sell.

    • PO 5 Describe the impact of entrepreneurs (e.g., Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner and Donald Trump) in the free enterprise system.

    • PO 6 Analyze how investment in physical capital (e.g., factories, medical advancements, new technologies) leads to economic growth.

    • PO 7 Describe how competition (e.g., Microsoft/Apple, Wal-Mart/Target) affects supply and demand from the vantage point of the consumer and producer.

    • PO 8 Describe how market prices provide incentives to buyers and sellers.

    • PO 9 Describe how protection of private property rights provides incentives to conserve and improve property (e.g., resale market).

  • 3 Macroeconomics

    • PO 1 Identify the organization and functions of the Federal Reserve System.

    • PO 2 Identify the effects of inflation on society.

    • PO 3 Analyze the government's role in economic recovery.

  • 4 Global Economics

    • PO 1 Compare how private property rights differ in market (capitalism) economies versus command (communist) economies.

    • PO 2 Identify the effects of trade restrictions between national and world regions.

    • PO 3 Describe the role of the United States government in influencing international commerce in regions studied.

    • PO 4 Identify interdependence (e.g., North American Free Trade Agreement, European Union, International Monetary Fund/ World Bank) between nations.

  • 5 Personal Finance

    • PO 1 Explain how scarcity influences personal financial choices (e.g., budgeting, saving, investing, credit).

    • PO 2 Describe types of personal investments. (e.g., saving accounts, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, retirement funds, land).

    • PO 3 Describe the role of the stock market in personal investing.

    • PO 4 Describe various forms of credit (e.g., personal loans, credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, auto loans).

    • PO 5 Analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives to consumer credit.

    • PO 6 Analyze the costs and benefits of producing a personal budget.

    • PO 7 Create a personal budget to include fixed and variable expenses.

    • PO 8 Identify the benefits of future financial planning.