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Skills available for Hawaii fourth-grade social studies standards

IXL's fourth-grade skills will be aligned to the Hawaii Content Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of fourth-grade standards below.

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SS.4.1 Creation Beliefs and Polynesian Migration

  • History

    • SS.4.1.18 Perspectives

      • Creation Beliefs

        • SS. Describe how early Hawaiians viewed the creation of the world and their environment through oral traditions

      • Migration Stories

        • SS. Summarize migration stories passed down through Hawaiian oral tradition

  • Geography

    • SS.4.1.15 Human Population: Spatial Patterns and Movements

      • Migration Methods

        • SS. Explain how voyaging skills and canoe design allowed Polynesians to travel from Asia throughout the Pacific to Hawai?i

SS.4.2 Early Hawaiian-Environment Interaction

  • Geography

    • SS.4.2.13 Geographic Representations: Spatial Views of the World

      • Environmental Characteristics of a Volcanic Island

        • SS. Identify major geographic characteristics of the Hawaiian archipelago, including its relative location to other major land masses

    • SS.4.2.16 Global Interconnections: Changing Spatial Patterns

      • Human Distribution

        • SS. Explain how geographic characteristics of the islands influenced locations of early settlements

    • SS.4.2.14 Human-Environment Interaction: Place, Regions, and Culture

      • Environmental Modification

        • SS. Describe how the original settlers modified their environment

SS.4.3 Early Hawaiians and the Land

  • Economics

    • SS.4.3.10 Exchange and Markets

      • Natural Resources

        • SS. Analyze how early Hawaiians used natural resources to meet their needs

  • Geography

    • SS.4.3.15 Human Populations: Spatial Patterns and Movements

      • Native vs. Non-Native

        • SS. Differentiate between native and non-native plants and animals used by early Hawaiians

SS.4.4 The Evolution of Hawaiian Culture

  • Geography

    • SS.4.4.16 Global Interconnections: Changing Spatial Patterns

      • Hawaiian and Other Polynesian Cultures

        • SS. Compare aspects of early Hawaiian culture and other Polynesian cultures

  • Civics

    • SS.4.4.7 Civic Virtues and Democratic Principles

      • Core Values of Early Communities

        • SS. Explain how core values of the early Hawaiians are applicable to modern-day Hawai?i

SS.4.5 Beliefs of Early Hawaiian Society

  • Civics

    • SS.4.5.6 Civic and Political Institutions

      • Hawaiian Gods

        • SS. Investigate the roles of gods in early Hawaiian society

      • Roles and Responsibilities

        • SS. Summarize how the concept of mana and one's genealogy determined rights and responsibilities

SS.4.6 Governance in Early Hawaiian Society

  • Civics

    • SS.4.6.8 Processes, Rules and Laws

      • Kapu and Regulations

        • SS. Explain how the kapu system regulated people's behavior and lives

  • Economics

    • SS.4.6.9 Economic Decision Making

      • Kapu and Economic Decisions

        • SS. Analyze how the kapu system maintained natural resources

SS.4.7 Life in the Ahupua'a

  • Geography

    • SS.4.7.14 Human-Environment Interaction: Place, Regions and Culture

      • Land Usage and Human Modification

        • SS. Use maps and illustrations to explain how Hawaiians used and modified land in the ahupua'a

  • Economics

    • SS.4.7.10 Exchange and Markets

      • Specialization of Skills

        • SS. Analyze how specialization of labor and the exchange of goods and services created a successful interdependent society in the ahupua'a

SS.4.8 The Beginnings of the Hawaiian Kingdom through Unification

  • Civics

    • SS.4.8.8 Processes, Rules, and Laws

      • Governance of the Ali'i

        • SS. Explain the roles and responsibilities of the ali?i in governing Hawaiian society

  • History

    • SS.4.8.17 Change, Continuity, and Context

      • Rise of Kamehameha I

        • SS. Analyze major events that led to the unification of Hawai?i Island by Kamehameha I