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Skills available for Hawaii seventh-grade social studies standards

IXL's seventh-grade skills will be aligned to the Hawaii Content Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of seventh-grade standards below.

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SS.7HHK.1 Unification of the Hawaiian Kingdom

  • History

    • SS.7HHK.1.17 Change, Continuity, and Context

      • Unification of the Hawaiian Islands

        • SS.7HHK.1.17.1 Analyze the role of individuals, events, and ideas leading to the unification of the Hawaiian Kingdom

    • SS.7HHK.1.18 Perspectives

      • Arrival of James Cook

        • SS.7HHK.1.18.2 Compare and contrast Hawaiian and Western perspectives on the arrival of James Cook in Hawai?i

  • Civics

    • SS.7HHK.1.6 Civic and Political Institutions

      • Hawaiian Kingdom Under Kamehameha I

        • SS.7HHK.1.6.3 Assess the changes initiated by Kamehameha I on Hawaiian society after unification

SS.7HHK.2 The Developing Hawaiian Kingdom

  • History

    • SS.7HHK.2.17 Change, Continuity, and Context

      • End of the Kapu System

        • SS.7HHK.2.17.1 Assess the impact of the abolishment of the kapu system

      • Arrival of Missionaries

        • SS.7HHK.2.17.2 Assess the social and cultural changes resulting from missionary influence in Hawaiian society

  • Economics

    • SS.7HHK.2.9 Economic Decision Making

      • Development of a Market Economy

        • SS.7HHK.2.9.3 Analyze how the sandalwood and whaling industries impacted Hawai?i's economy

  • Geography

    • SS.7HHK.2.14 Human-Environment Interaction: Place, Regions, and Culture

      • Western Influence

        • SS.7HHK.2.14.4 Explain the social and environmental changes resulting from foreign influence

SS.7HHK.3 The Late Hawaiian Kingdom

  • Geography

    • SS.7HHK.3.15 Human Population: Spatial Patterns and Movements

      • Mass Immigration

        • SS.7HHK.3.15.1 Analyze the causes and impacts of immigration of various ethnic groups for plantation labor

  • Civics

    • SS.7HHK.3.8 Process, Rules, and Laws

      • Constitutional Monarchy

        • SS.7HHK.3.8.2 Explain the processes, ideas, and people's roles involved in the transition from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy

  • Economics

    • SS.7HHK.3.11 The National Economy

      • Changes in Land Tenure

        • SS.7HHK.3.11.3 Evaluate the impact of changing land tenure on Hawaiians

SS.7HHK.4 Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

  • Economics

    • SS.7HHK.4.12 The Global Economy

      • Causes of the Overthrow

        • SS.7HHK.4.12.1 Evaluate the political and economic developments leading to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

  • History

    • SS.7HHK.4.18 Perspectives

      • Overthrow

        • SS.7HHK.4.18.2 Compare and contrast perspectives of proponents and opponents of the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom