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Skills available for Mississippi fourth-grade science standards

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1 Explain and use skills necessary to conduct scientific inquiry.

2 Use the properties of objects and materials, position and motion of objects, and transfer of energy to develop an understanding of physical science concepts.

  • a Recognize that materials may be composed of parts that are too small to be seen without magnification.

  • b Distinguish between physical and chemical changes and between objects composed of a single substance from those composed of more than one substance.

  • c Determine the causes and effects of forces on motion.

    • Force exerted over a distance causes work to be done and that the result (work) is the product of force and distance

    • Friction on moving objects and actions that increase or decrease friction

    • Momentum and inertia

  • d Explain how energy flowing through an electrical circuit can be converted from electrical energy to light, sound, or heat energy.

    • Parts of an electric circuit and resulting actions when circuits are opened or closed

    • Construction and uses of electromagnets

    • Energy transferred through an electrical circuit to a bulb or bell to its surroundings as light, sound, and heat (thermal) energy

  • e Describe how light behaves (travels in a straight line, is absorbed, reflected, refracted, or appears transparent or translucent).

  • f Investigate and draw conclusions about the relationship between the rate of vibrating objects and the pitch of the sound.

  • g Describe how heat flows from a warm object to a cold one and categorize examples of materials that may or may not be used as insulators.

3 Analyze the characteristics, structures, life cycles, and environments of organisms.

4 Develop an understanding of the properties of Earth materials, objects in the sky, and changes in Earth and sky.