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Skills available for Mississippi second-grade social studies standards

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Domestic Affairs

Global/International Affairs

Civil/Human Rights

  • 3 Understand the importance of individual actions and character traits that contribute to advancing civil/human rights.

    • a Compare and contrast the terms "rights" and "responsibilities."

    • b Define and give examples of some of the rights students have in the school (e.g., students have the right to come to school, to ask questions, to vote in class elections).

    • c Discuss the responsibilities of individuals in schools (e.g., respect for the rights and property of others, tolerance, honesty, self-control, compassion, participation in the democratic process, work for the common good, fairness, etc.).

    • d Explain the role of people in authority (e.g., police officers, city officials, community leaders) in upholding human and civil rights.

    • e Participate in the development of classroom rules and defining the consequences of failing to obey them.


  • 4 Understand how the production, distribution, and consumption of human-made resources and natural resources contribute to the community.

    • a Describe production and consumption of human-made goods and services (e.g., food production involves farmers, processors, distributors, weather, land, and water resources; automobile industry involves designers, engineers, welders, robots, etc.).

    • b Explain how limits on resources affect choices about production and consumption (e.g., farming vs. industrial production; relocating vs. commuting).

    • c Explain the roles of producers and consumers.