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Skills available for Mississippi seventh-grade social studies standards

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Domestic Affairs

  • 1 Understand the biological and cultural processes that shaped the earliest human communities.

    • a Examine a variety of scientific methods used by archaeologists, geologists, and anthropologists to determine the dates of early human communities.

    • b Investigate the approximate chronology and sequence of early hominid evolution in Africa from the Australopithecines to Homo erectus.

    • c Identify current and past theories regarding the processes by which human groups populated the major world regions.

    • d Discuss possible social, cultural, and/or religious meanings inferred from late Paleolithic cave paintings.

  • 2 Understand unique features of Asian, European and African civilizations and how they have impacted the development of those civilizations.

    • a Identify and describe the following governmental forms: democracy, aristocracy/oligarchy, absolutism, constitutionalism, totalitarianism, monarchy and republic.

    • b Analyze the concept of "civilization" (e.g., the various criteria used to define "civilization"; fundamental differences between civilizations and other forms of social organization, such as hunter-gatherer bands, Neolithic agricultural societies, and pastoral nomadic societies; how Mohenjo-Daro meets criteria for defining civilization).

    • c Apply the five themes of geography (e.g., location, place, human/environmental interaction, movement, and region) to describe various civilizations in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Global Affairs

Civil Rights/Human Rights