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Skills available for Mississippi eighth-grade social studies standards

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Domestic Affairs

Global Affairs

Civil Rights/Human Rights

  • 4 Understand the impact of American ideals and institutions on the development of American democracy.

    • a Analyze how conflict, cooperation, and interdependence (e.g., social justice, diversity, mutual respect, and civic engagement) among groups, societies, and nations influenced the writing of early historical documents.

    • b Study the lives of formerly enslaved African Americans who gained freedom in the North and founded schools and churches to advance their rights and communities.

    • c Examine the women's suffrage movement (e.g., biographies, writings, and speeches of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Margaret Fuller, Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony).

    • d Research and analyze political and social impacts of civil rights movements throughout the history of the United States pre-Reconstruction era (e.g., slave revolts, abolitionist movement, protests over British taxation in the colonies, individual and group resistance, organizing efforts, and collective action/unity).



  • 6 Understand the purposes and principles embodied in the ideals and values of American society.

    • a Evaluate the value and the challenge of diversity in American life.

    • b Assess the importance of certain character traits in a democracy, such as civility, nationalism, freedom, authority, justice, equality, responsibility, etc.

    • c Examine how American society has been influenced culturally by exploration, immigration, colonization, sectionalism, religious and social movements, etc.