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Skills available for Missouri Level 1 Spanish standards

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I.1 Communication

I.2 Cultures

I.3 Connections

I.4 Comparisons

I.5 Communities

  • I.5.1 Students use the target language within and beyond the school setting

    • I.5.1.1 Language Use Within and Beyond the Classroom

      • I.5.1.1.a Recognize the target language when encountered outside the world language classroom.

      • I.5.1.1.b Recognize words borrowed from the target language.

  • I.5.2 Students show evidence of becoming lifelong learners by using the target language for personal enjoyment and enrichment

    • I.5.2.1 Language Use for Personal Enjoyment and Enrichment

      • I.5.2.1.a Attend or view via media cultural events and social activities.

      • I.5.2.1.b Explore topics of personal interest from the target culture.