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Skills available for New York fifth-grade social studies standards

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A Gathering, Interpreting and Using Evidence

B Chronological Reasoning

C Comparison and Contextualization

D Geographic Reasoning

E Economics and Economic Systems

F Civic Participation

  • 1 Demonstrate respect for the rights of others in discussion and classroom debates, regardless of whether one agrees with the other viewpoint. Consider alternate views in discussion, with teacher support.

  • 2 Participate in activities that focus on a localized issue or problem in a country other than the United States in the Western Hemisphere.

  • 3 Identify different types of political systems and ideologies used at various times and in various locations in the Western Hemisphere, and identify the roles of individuals and key groups in those political and social systems.

  • 4 Identify opportunities for and the role of the individual in social and political participation at various times and in various locations in the Western Hemisphere outside the United States.

  • 5 Participate in negotiating and compromising in the resolution of differences and conflict.

  • 6 Identify situations with a global focus in which social actions are required and suggest solutions.

  • 7 Describe the roles of people in power in the Western Hemisphere, both historically and currently. Identify ways that current figures can influence people's rights and freedom.

  • 8 Identify rights and responsibilities of citizens within societies in the Western Hemisphere.

  • 9 Develop an understanding of the interdependence of individuals and groups in communities in the Western Hemisphere.