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Skills available for Pennsylvania seventh-grade social studies standards

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6 Economics

  • 6.1 Scarcity and Choice

    • Scarcity and Choice

    • Limited Resources

    • Opportunity Costs

    • Incentives and Choice

      • 6.1.7.D Explain how positive and negative incentives affect behavior.

  • 6.2 Markets and Economic Systems

  • 6.3 Functions of Government

    • Goods and Services

    • Government Involvement in the Economy

    • Taxation

      • 6.3.7.C Explain the cost and benefits of taxation.

    • Government's Role in International Trade

  • 6.4 Economic Interdependence

    • Specialization

    • Trade

      • 6.4.7.B Analyze how changes in trade affect standards of living

    • Multinational and Non-Governmental Organizations

    • Factors Contributing to Economic Interdependence

  • 6.5 Income, Profit, and Wealth

    • Factors Influencing Wages

      • 6.5.6.A Describe how people are compensated for their production of goods and services.

    • Labor Productivity

      • 6.5.6.B Describe the characteristics of productive workers.

    • Profits and Losses

      • 6.5.6.D Explain the relationship between risk and reward.

    • Distribution of Wealth

      • 6.5.6.E Describe how people accumulate tangible and financial assets through income, saving, and financial investment.

    • Entrepreneurship

      • 6.5.6.F Explain the role of entrepreneurship in Pennsylvania.

    • Costs and Benefits of Saving

      • 6.5.6.G Identify the costs and benefits of various financial tools available to savers.

    • Interest Rates

      • 6.5.6.H Identify the effect of higher and lower interest rates.