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Skills available for Tennessee eighth-grade social studies standards

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SSP.01 Collect data and information from a variety of primary and secondary sources, including:

SSP.02 Critically examine a primary or secondary source in order to:

SSP.03 Synthesize data from multiple sources in order to:

  • SSP.03.1 Recognize differences among multiple accounts

  • SSP.03.2 Establish validity by comparing and contrasting multiple sources

  • SSP.03.3 Frame appropriate questions for further investigation

SSP.04 Construct and communicate arguments citing supporting evidence to:

  • SSP.04.1 Demonstrate and defend an understanding of ideas

  • SSP.04.2 Compare and contrast viewpoints

  • SSP.04.3 Illustrate cause and effect

  • SSP.04.4 Predict likely outcomes

  • SSP.04.5 Devise new outcomes or solutions

SSP.05 Develop historical awareness by:

  • SSP.05.1 Recognizing how and why historical accounts change over time

  • SSP.05.2 Perceiving and presenting past events and issues as they might have been experienced by the people of the time, with historical empathy rather than present-mindedness

  • SSP.05.3 Evaluating how unique circumstances of time and place create context and contribute to action and reaction

  • SSP.05.4 Identifying patterns of continuity and change over time, making connections to the present

SSP.06 Develop a geographic awareness by: