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A Algebra

G Geometry

  • Apply the key concepts, connections and applications of limits, continuity, derivatives, and integration for a wide variety of regions.

    • M.C.20 Justify why differentiability implies continuity, and classify functional cases when continuity does not imply differentiability.

    • M.C.21 Calculate a definite integral using Riemann sums by evaluating an infinite limit of a sum using summation notation and rules for summation.

    • M.C.22 Use integration to solve problems that involve linear displacement, total distance, position, velocity, acceleration and area between curves by looking at both functions of x and functions of y; utilize units to interpret the physical nature of the calculus process.

DA Data Analysis and Probability

  • Apply the key concepts and applications of limits, continuity, derivatives, and integration to analyze functions that represent a collection of data.

    • M.C.23 Identify a real life situation that involves quantities that change over time; pose a question; make a hypothesis as to the answer; develop, justify, and implement a method to collect, organize, and analyze related data; extend the nature of collected, discrete data to that of a continuous function that describes the known data set; generalize the results to make a conclusion; compare the hypothesis and the conclusion; present the project numerically, analytically, graphically and verbally using the predictive and analytic tools of calculus.