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Skills available for West Virginia Calculus standards

IXL's Calculus skills will be aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of Calculus standards below.

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DCC Developing College and Career Skills

F Finance

PF Personal use of finance

  • PF.M.AMM.7 Research and analyze personal budgets based on given parameters (e.g., Fixed and discretionary expenses, insurance, gross vs. net pay, types of income, wage, salary, commission), career choice, geographic region, retirement and/or investment planning, etc.).

  • PF.M.AMM.8 Research and analyze taxes including payroll, sales, personal property, real estate and income tax returns.

P Probability

S Statistics

M Modeling

N Networks

  • Networking for decision making

    • N.M.AMM.31 Solve problems involving scheduling or routing situations that can be represented by a vertex-edge graph; find critical paths, Euler paths, Hamiltonian paths, and minimal spanning trees (e.g., Konigsberg bridge problem, mail vs. Fed Ex delivery routes, kolam drawings of India, traveling salesman problem, and/or map coloring).

    • N.M.AMM.32 Construct, analyze, and interpret flow charts in order to develop and describe problem solving procedures.

SDM Social Decision Making

  • Making decisions using ranking and voting

    • SDM.M.AMM.33 Apply and analyze various ranking algorithms to determine an appropriate method for a given situation (e.g., fair division, apportionment, and/or search engine results).

    • SDM.M.AMM.34 Analyze various voting and selection processes to determine an appropriate method for a given situation (e.g., preferential vs. non-preferential methods, and/or weighted voting).

G Geometry