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Skills available for Wisconsin second-grade social studies standards

Standards are in black and IXL social studies skills are in dark green. Hold your mouse over the name of a skill to view a sample question. Click on the name of a skill to practice that skill.

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Geog Geography

  • SS.Geog1 Wisconsin students will use geographic tools and ways of thinking to analyze the world.

  • SS.Geog2 Wisconsin students will analyze human movement and population patterns.

    • SS.Geog2.a Population and Place

    • SS.Geog2.b Reasons People Move

      • SS.Geog2.b.2 Explain why people have moved to and away from their community.

    • SS.Geog2.c Impact of Movement

      • SS.Geog2.c.2 Describe population changes in their community over time.

    • SS.Geog2.d Urbanization

  • SS.Geog3 Wisconsin students will examine the impacts of global interconnections and relationships.

    • SS.Geog3.a Distribution of Resources

      • SS.Geog3.a.1 Analyze how different access to resources can create stress in a society (e.g., Who sits closer to the bathroom? Who gets to the lunchroom first?)

    • SS.Geog3.b Networks

      • SS.Geog3.b.2 Compare and contrast the different modes of transportation and communication used by families in work and daily lives.

  • SS.Geog4 Wisconsin students will evaluate the relationship between identity and place.

    • SS.Geog4.a Characteristics of Place

      • SS.Geog4.a.2.i Categorize characteristics of the local community (e.g., weather/climate, population, landforms, vegetation, culture, industry).

      • SS.Geog4.a.2.ii Describe how certain places have meanings that distinguish them from other places. (e.g., shopping mall, park, places of worship).

  • SS.Geog5 Wisconsin students will evaluate the relationship between humans and the environment.

    • SS.Geog5.a Human Environment Interaction

      • SS.Geog5.a.1 Provide examples of human changes to the environment surrounding the school or neighborhood.

    • SS.Geog5.b Interdependence

      • SS.Geog5.b.2 Identify natural resources (e.g., fertile soil, forests, mining) of a place and provide examples of how those resources are used.