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Skills available for Wisconsin second-grade social studies standards

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PS Political Science

  • SS.PS1 Wisconsin students will identify and analyze democratic principles and ideals.

  • SS.PS2 Wisconsin students will examine and interpret rights, privileges, and responsibilities in society.

    • SS.PS2.a Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

      • SS.PS2.a.1-2.i Compare rights and responsibilities within the classroom, school, and community.

      • SS.PS2.a.1-2.ii Classify basic rights that all humans have (i.e., life, liberty, safety).

    • SS.PS2.b Fundamentals of Citizenship

      • SS.PS2.b.2.i Summarize situations where individuals have rights, freedoms, and equality.

      • SS.PS2.b.2.ii Develop an opinion about an issue in your school or community.

    • SS.PS2.c Asserting and Reaffirming of Human Rights

      • SS.PS2.c.1-2.i Identify groups within school, community, or society and compare their rights and responsibilities (e.g., student/teacher).

      • SS.PS2.c.1-2.ii Investigate ways in which people and groups can influence decision makers in school, their communities, states, or country (i.e., voting, running for office, participating in meetings).

  • SS.PS3 Wisconsin students will analyze and evaluate the powers and processes of political and civic institutions.

    • SS.PS3.a Political Participation

      • SS.PS3.a.1.i Describe and explain the effect an action has on members of a group.

      • SS.PS3.a.1.ii Express an opinion and vote on a topic in their lives.

    • SS.PS3.b Linkage Institutions

      • SS.PS3.b.e.i Identify different types of media and sources.

      • SS.PS3.b.e.ii Explain why we have elections.

      • SS.PS3.b.e.iii Summarize basic roles of civic institutions (e.g., school, home, family, community).

    • SS.PS3.c Power in Government

    • SS.PS3.d Public Policy

      • SS.PS3.d.1 Predict how people come up with different ideas to solve a problem.

  • SS.PS4 Wisconsin students will develop and employ skills for civic literacy.

    • SS.PS4.a Argumentation

      • SS.PS4.a.e Compare and contrast perspectives on the same topic.

    • SS.PS4.b Compromise, Diplomacy, and Consensus Building

      • SS.PS4.b.2 Give an example of a compromise.