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Highlights of IXL

  • Comprehensive coverage of K–12 math and language arts curricula.
    IXL covers over 4,000 skills through an infinite number of computer-generated questions, so students can never run out of new questions to try. They are free to practice each skill until they have truly mastered it.
  • Alignment to the Common Core, DoDEA, and all state standards.
    Detailed listings for each standard show you which specific IXL skills align to each strand. Monitor your students' state standards readiness throughout the year to make sure your class is on track and fully prepared for standardized testing.
  • Insightful reporting that tracks student progress.
    Real-time assessment tools and more than 35 reports make it easy for teachers and parents to analyze student performance. Quickly access any report through the dashboard or use the reports question page to find answers in an instant.
  • Professional development for site license schools.
    IXL's training specialists can design a custom training plan tailored to your school's goals—from intervention to test prep to digital implementations, we can help your teachers get the most from IXL.
  • Wide variety of question types, from word problems to interactive graphing.
    Each skill is approached from multiple angles, offering different ways for students to think about each topic. Rather than featuring multiple choice alone, IXL offers dynamic question types for a deeper level of learning.
  • Unlimited access to all grade levels.
    Whether they want to review past lessons or jump ahead to learn new skills, students will always have access to skills that meet their needs. Plus, IXL is web-based, so students can practice anywhere, anytime—including in school and at home.
  • Virtual prizes and awards to celebrate learning milestones.
    As students progress through IXL, they are rewarded with prizes such as virtual game board pieces, medals, and print-out certificates. Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they've earned an award and are motivated to keep practicing, often comparing awards with classmates and friends.
  • iPad and Android tablet apps for mobile practice.
    Students will love having our interactive problems and colorful awards at their fingertips. Whether they are practicing similar patterns or mastering multi-step story problems, content is more meaningful when they can touch it. Plus, access to the apps is free for all IXL members, so going mobile is easy!

IXL in action

Raising the Bar

Kim Creagh, 3rd grade teacher
Mountain Park Elementary in
Roswell, Georgia
Big ideas:
  • Post IXL metrics and student accomplishments in giant bar graphs in the hallway
  • Commend top-performing students in the morning announcements
  • Publish names of high achievers in the community e-mail newsletter
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Join us for a complimentary webinar! Our range of topics and live format ensure you'll get the answers you need to make the most of your IXL experience.  See full schedule, and sign up
  • 3/11/2015
    3:00 PM PDT
    The first session will focus on identifying key standards for your remaining test prep time, determining parameters for real-time student progress and highlighting immediate implementation strategies.
    (30 minutes)
  • 3/25/2015
    3:00 PM PDT
    This session will focus on supporting students with focused differentiation, including tips on organizing students into learning groups, working towards individual learning goals and building fluency.
    (30 minutes)
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I am a 5th grade student and I think IXL is awesome. I am so advanced now because of whoever created this website. I want you to know that you are providing many kids around the world a second chance at learning math concepts to be the best they can be.”
Williamstown, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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