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Skills available for Maryland sixth-grade math standards

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6.1.0 Students will algebraically represent, model, analyze, or solve mathematical or real-world problems involving patterns or functional relationships.

6.2.0 Students will apply the properties of one-, two-, or three-dimensional geometric figures to describe, reason, or solve problems about shape, size, position, or motion of objects.

6.3.0 Students will identify attributes, units, or systems of measurements or apply a variety of techniques, formulas, tools or technology for determining measurements.

6.4.0 Students will collect, organize, display, analyze, or interpret data to make decisions or predictions.

6.5.0 Students will use experimental methods or theoretical reasoning to determine probabilities to make predictions or solve problems about events whose outcomes involve random variation.

  • 6.5.B Theoretical Probability

  • 6.5.C Experimental Probability

    • 6.5.C.1 Analyze the results of a probability experiment

    • 6.5.C.2 Conduct a probability experiment

    • 6.5.C.3 Compare outcomes of theoretical probability with the results of experimental probability

    • 6.5.C.4 Describe the difference between theoretical and experimental probability

6.6.0 Students will describe, represent, or apply numbers or their relationships or will estimate or compute using mental strategies, paper/pencil or technology.