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Welcome to CCMS's IXL Program!

By using immersive learning, insights into progress, and targeted recommendations for how you can display mastery of your educational skills, IXL is one of the premier learning platforms that CCMS English and math teachers are excited to be able to use this year to help you grow.  IXL provides you access to thousands of math and language arts skills questions at school, at home, and on the go! 
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To get started: 
1. You must ALWAYS sign in with your username and password BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WORK. Please ask your teacher if you don't remember your username or password BEFORE you do any skill practice. If you don't sign in, the practice will not count towards your goals! 
2. CCMS teachers will be using the Diagnostic assessment to determine your current level of performance with math and English skills. Please do not take this diagnostic assessment until you are asked to do so by your teachers, and when you do take it, make sure you do your best! 
3. After taking the diagnostic, you and your teacher will use the IXL data and the IXL learning platform throughout the year to help you grow your mastery of the the math and English skills that you need to be ready for your move to the next grade level!

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