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Dear Parents/Guardians, 
Academic standards have become more rigorous as a result of the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and we would like our students to be able to communicate and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topics taught in mathematics. Our goal is not only to have the students master a particular skill, but also to be able to apply these skills in real-life situations.    
IXL subscriptions have been provided to all 7th grade, 8th grade, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 students.  Each students has a unique username and password to access the subscription.  If a student forgets his/her login information, he/she should speak with his/her math teacher.  
The math activities in IXL Online are designed to help your son or daughter in two ways: 1) to practice the skills which they have already learned and are critical to success in mathematics in the current school year, and 2) to reinforce skills currently being taught in math class. 
Each activity will provide immediate feedback, providing detailed explanations of the solutions.  Students should not utilize a calculator, given that many of the skills include calculations and number sense that every child is expected to know and be able to do. 
Within each topic, students will earn a SmartScore.  The SmartScore is a number that can be anywhere from 0 to 100. When a student starts practicing a skill, the SmartScore starts at 0. As he or she answers questions correctly, the SmartScore increases. If a question is answered incorrectly, the score decreases. But the SmartScore is not just based on the percentage of problems correct. It is calculated using many factors, including the number of problems completed, problem difficulty, and consistency.  IXL interprets the SmartScore as: 
     o   Needs Improvement (<70) 
     o   Satisfactory (70-79) 
     o   Good (80-89) 
     o   Excellent (90-99) 
     o   Mastered (100) 
However, it is not necessary for a student to reach a particular level for each topic, but rather to utilize the practice activities to maintain or increase his/her understanding and skill level. 
Together we can make a difference in your child’s future. Now is the time to build on the foundation to help your child succeed on future standardized exams such as the PARCC assessments, the ACT, or the SAT. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 
IXL – Practice and Excel!

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