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As an administrator, how do I set up teacher accounts?

There are two ways to set up teacher accounts on your site license. You can either give an activation key to teachers to have them create their own accounts, or you can create their accounts from the Account management tab.

Using an activation key

To have your teachers use the activation key for account setup, click License info on the Account management tab. In the Subscription information section, the activation key and teacher activation instructions are found under Teacher account setup. Select Print for a PDF of instructions to print out and distribute to teachers, or Email to send the instructions to your teachers by email. When teachers use the activation key to create their usernames and passwords, their information will automatically be added to your subscription.

Using the Account management tab

To create an account for a teacher, click Teachers on the Account management tab. Then, click Add new teacher. Enter the teacher’s information, and click Submit when finished. The teacher will receive an email with his or her username, password, and instructions on how to get started on IXL.