User guides
First time using IXL? Curious about a feature you've never tried? The user guides below will help get you started!
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Set up
Set up your roster—classroom license  
Start here if you have a trial account or a classroom license.
Set up your roster—site license  
Start here if you are part of a school-wide license.
Get your students started  
Introduce your students to fun, meaningful learning on IXL.
Getting started
Discover Analytics  
Help your students reach their full potential with reports that are more than just numbers.
Explore the Real-Time Diagnostic  
Get an accurate, up-to-the-minute portrait of each and every student.
Meet your state's standards  
Learn how IXL provides the tools you need to prepare your students for state testing.
Implementation guides
IXL for Daily Instruction  
Check out our 3-step guide to using IXL to reinforce lessons and check for understanding.
IXL for Diagnostic Assessment  
Learn how to uncover student knowledge levels and get personalized action plans for growth.
See all guides  
Discover simple, effective ways to use IXL in your classroom.
Full guide
Complete guide  
Take an in-depth look—a detailed guide to all of IXL's features.
Jump-start success on IXL!
Get your child started  
Introduce your child to fun, meaningful learning on IXL.
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Set up
Dive into your administrator account  
Manage student and teacher accounts and run school-wide reports.
Implementation guides
Daily Instruction and Planning  
Easily reinforce concepts in your school's textbooks and standards with IXL skill plans.
IXL for Benchmark Assessment  
Learn how to use the Real-Time Diagnostic to get benchmark data across your school or district.