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How can I get parents involved?

Because IXL can go wherever your students go, the learning doesn’t have to stop once they leave the classroom! Getting parents involved is one great way to keep the IXL momentum going. They can join in on the fun by checking in on their students’ progress, supporting their growth, and keeping them motivated to use IXL at home.

Here are some easy ways to include parents on the IXL learning journey:

  • Add a parent email to your roster. When a parent’s email is included on your roster, they will receive links to their child's certificates through email, keeping them in the loop and in on the celebrations.
  • Email (or print out) a letter to parents about using IXL at home. From your roster, you can send a pre-written letter introducing IXL. It includes the student’s username and information on how to get started. There’s even a Spanish translation available. If you’d like to customize the text, you can download an editable version.
  • Introduce them to IXL Analytics. For the parents who are eager to be engaged, show them the wealth of IXL Analytics! To access the reports, all they need to do is sign in to their child’s account and click on Analytics. There they can choose from five reports—Usage details, Trouble spots, Score chart, Questions log, and Progress & improvement—to learn more about their child’s progress and see exactly what they are doing!
  • Offer guidance for using IXL during school breaks. When school breaks are approaching, share IXL School Break Strategies for Parents. The PDF provides tips for parents to help keep their students exploring and engaged with IXL when school’s not in session. It’s available on the Teacher resources tab in the Printables section.