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What are IXL Recommendations?

IXL Recommendations are personalized suggestions for math and language arts skills. They update in real time and are based on the individual student’s skill practice and knowledge levels, providing relevant guidance for each student’s next steps. With recommendations, students receive targeted support specific to their individual needs, while at the same time, they are empowered to explore and take ownership of their personal learning path.

There are 6 types of recommendations:

  • Try something new: Start working on an introductory skill in a new topic that you haven’t explored yet.
  • Work it out: Use these recommended building block skills to gain confidence and prepare for targeting your trouble spots.
  • Keep at it: You’re making great progress! Continue to aim for excellence in this skill.
  • Go for gold: You’ve entered the Challenge Zone in this skill; show off your knowledge and reach mastery.
  • Next up: Since you’ve reached excellence (90 or higher) in a skill, build on your demonstrated knowledge by tackling these new skills.
  • From the Diagnostic arena: Challenge yourself and grow with these skills from your personalized diagnostic action plan.

Students can access their recommendations whenever they want on their Recommendations wall. To focus on one recommendation type, click on the square icon of the recommendation. All recommendations in that category will be highlighted.