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What are LaunchCards and how do I use them?

Students on the IXL mobile app can now use LaunchCards as a quick and easy way to sign in! Each student’s LaunchCard has a unique quick-response (QR) code that is connected to their individual account. Instead of entering their username and password, a student holds up the LaunchCard to the scanner in our mobile app and is immediately signed in! 

Managing LaunchCards: Teachers

To get started, just go to your roster, turn on the Quick sign-in for mobile apps toggle, and print LaunchCards for your students. (If you don't see the toggle, please talk to your school’s IXL administrator.)

To print LaunchCards for your whole roster or a specific class, use the Print LaunchCards link above your roster. To print or reset an individual student’s LaunchCard, find the student in your roster, hover over the icon in the LaunchCard column, and click on the appropriate link. LaunchCards can also be printed from the Printables section of Teacher Resources.  

When the Quick sign-in for mobile apps toggle is turned off, the LaunchCard column and links to print the LaunchCards will disappear. 

Managing LaunchCards: Administrators

To enable LaunchCard sign-in for your schools, go to your Settings on the Account Management tab and turn on the LaunchCards switch. When this setting is on, all teachers on your account will have access to a quick sign-in toggle on their rosters. After teachers turn their Quick sign-in for mobile apps toggle on, they can print and reset LaunchCards from their roster. 

As an administrator, you can also print and reset LaunchCards from the Student roster on your Account Management tab. 

To print cards for multiple students, open the More drop-down menu, and select Print sign-in cards

To print or reset an individual student’s LaunchCard, click on their name in your roster. 

To print, click Print sign-in card. To reset their LaunchCard, click the pencil icon next to the student’s Personal info section. In the LaunchCard section, click Reset.

Managing LaunchCards: Families

To get your children started using LaunchCards, all you need to do is print a LaunchCard for each child! LaunchCards can only be printed from a parent account on the IXL website.

To print your child’s LaunchCard, open your Profile & settings, scroll down to the child’s profile settings, and click Print LaunchCard. You can also print LaunchCards for all of your children from the Printables section of the Inspiration tab. If you’d like to reset a LaunchCard, you can do that from your Profile & settings as well. Your Profile & settings are accessed from your account menu, located in the upper-right corner. 

Signing in with LaunchCards

After you have printed and distributed LaunchCards, your students can use them anytime they sign in to the mobile app! On the sign-in screen, they tap the purple LaunchCard icon, and hold up their LaunchCard to the camera. For more detailed instructions, check out How do students sign in with a LaunchCard?