IXL for English Language Learners

IXL is proven to help schools drive academic gains for English language learners at all levels.

Understand each learner's unique needs at any time

Quickly and accurately assess student understanding across the entire K-12 curriculum with the Real-Time Diagnostic. See exactly where students stand on grade level objectives in math and ELA.

Deliver targeted, personalized instruction

Take the Diagnostic a step further and get a personalized action plan for each English language learner. Know precisely what they need to learn to fill knowledge gaps and make real progress.

Take the guesswork out of lesson planning

Better understand students' WIDA ACCESS scale scores and suggest the exact skills they should work on to boost their English language proficiency with WIDA ACCESS skill plans.

Build confidence with the right supports

Within each skill, questions are adaptive, giving English language learners the critical scaffolding they need to build understanding at their own pace.

IXL's Spanish support tools (text and audio) enable Spanish-speaking ELLs to make progress in essential math skills even if they are still building their English language abilities.

Meet students where they are

With real-time, actionable insights at their fingertips, teachers walk into the classroom with a deep understanding of each of their English language learner's needs.

Diagnose trouble spots

With the Trouble Spots report, teachers can uncover individual areas of struggle for each student and see recommended question types for review and reteaching.

Provide targeted 1-1 support

The Questions Log report helps teachers figure out exactly where a student might be stuck so that they can provide targeted 1-1 remediation.

Research-based, proven to work

Studies have found that among schools with a high percentage of English language learners, those using IXL outperform non-IXL schools on formative assessments.

IXL is personalized learning

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