Empowering SPED Teachers and Students

IXL makes it easier to differentiate instruction and progress monitor for each and every student.

Truly differentiated instruction

IXL empowers educators to provide individualized instruction across a broad range of ability levels. With over 9,000 adaptive skills across 4 core subjects, teachers can set clear goals, tailor instruction, and build confidence for every type of learner.

Accurate assessment in real time

Pinpoint each student's knowledge and grade-level proficiency in as little as 45 minutes with IXL Real-Time Diagnostic. With no additional workload, teachers gain immediate insights on exactly what students know and what they're ready to work on next.

Easy progress monitoring and documentation

Keep track of students' understanding and growth with IXL Analytics. Teachers can easily visualize each student's progress, develop IEPs based on actionable data, and support parents with extended learning.

Evidence-based, proven to work

Research has found that IXL schools consistently outperform schools that use any other program or method. The longer that schools use IXL, the greater that performance becomes.

Students own their learning

Students develop agency by working independently on IXL at their own pace. With in-the-moment support and access to all grade-level content, students are able to continuously work towards mastery and grow beyond the classroom.

IXL in action in a SPED classroom

See how a SPED teacher uses IXL to empower her students to work independently and achieve multi-grade level gains.

"IXL has revolutionized my classroom. Even my lowest-level students are able to be successful when working in IXL. And the skills they are mastering and the rate at which they are learning is truly amazing."

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