IXL Analytics

IXL Analytics takes in data from all of students' work in IXL, including the curriculum and the Continuous Diagnostic, and uncovers insights that help teachers make better instructional decisions in the classroom.

Diagnose student needs

Diagnostic Strand Analysis

Teachers get up-to-the-minute insights from IXL's Continuous Diagnostic, which pinpoints students' overall working grade levels and their levels on key strands. The Diagnostic Strand Analysis makes differentiation simple, grouping students with similar levels and showing the most common skill recommendations for each group.

Use class time more effectively

Trouble Spots

Teachers can accomplish more during valuable class time by addressing common areas of need. Our Trouble Spots report allows teachers to quickly hone in on problem areas and reteach more effectively.

Support students in the moment

Real-Time Center

With our Real-Time Center, classroom management is easier than ever. Teachers can maintain a pulse on class activity, keep students focused on the task at hand, and be alerted the moment students need support.

Increase impact with Analytics for School Leaders

Analytics for School Leaders helps you evaluate and improve your IXL implementation

See the impact

Seamless integration
makes personalized learning possible

Find out how Analytics combines with our curriculum and Continuous Diagnostic to impact student learning.

IXL Curriculum & Guidance

IXL Analytics evaluates student work in the curriculum so that teachers can provide targeted instruction that meets every student at the right level.

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The IXL Continuous Diagnostic

IXL Analytics pulls in data from the Continuous Diagnostic to ensure you and your teachers have up-to-the minute tracking of students' grade-level proficiency and growth.

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