IXL Curriculum & Guidance

IXL has spent 11 years building a comprehensive curriculum so that from pre-K to 12th grade, your teachers have the resources to meet every student where they are.

Comprehensive curriculum

With more than 8,000 skills across five subjects, IXL helps teachers meet virtually any learning need.

Complete and aligned

IXL's curriculum is fully aligned to the Common Core, state standards for all 50 states, and popular textbook series. For any standard, any lesson, teachers can turn to IXL for the content they need to help their students.

Truly adaptive

The IXL Curriculum is truly adaptive, supporting differentiation with as many as 12 levels of rigor in a single skill. With each question answered, students move up and down through the levels based on their performance, ensuring they're always challenged at the right level.


IXL is expertly designed to help any student build mastery. Our curriculum is finely scaffolded to ensure that students feel motivated and supported as they strive toward mastery-level understanding of every topic.

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Targeted guidance

IXL gives students completely personalized guidance through the IXL Curriculum so that
they can make more progress, faster.

Precise and personalized

IXL's guidance takes personalization to a new level—even students at the same diagnostic level will receive different skill recommendations. Every student's journey on IXL is designed to give them exactly what they need (and nothing that they don't).

Immediate impact

IXL delivers Day 1 impact for every student. From the first minute students get started on IXL, the platform is learning about them and giving them recommendations that will help them grow.

Teacher-centric approach

We believe that teachers are essential to learning, so IXL never locks students into a rigid pathway. With IXL, teachers can always guide their students' work on IXL and make choices for their growth.

Seamless integration
makes personalized learning possible

Find out how our curriculum combines with our Continuous Diagnostic and analytics to impact student learning.

The IXL Continuous Diagnostic

IXL's personalized guidance for students is made possible by up-to-the-minute diagnostic analysis from the Continuous Diagnostic. With this real-time insight, we can deliver just-right learning opportunities at the right moment.

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IXL Analytics

All of the data from IXL's curriculum and the Continuous Diagnostic feeds into Analytics, giving you and your teachers a full, rich understanding of student achievement and growth throughout the year.

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