The IXL EffectTM

Tens of thousands of schools around the country
are experiencing the IXL EffectTM—and you can too.

34 statewide efficacy studies covering more than 66,790 schools show that IXL works.
These research-backed best practices can help your district to optimize learning and experience the
IXL EffectTM in your schools.

Answer 15 questions per week

Just 15 IXL questions per week impacts student success

Our research has shown that schools where students answer at least 15 questions per week outperform all the others.


Strive for mastery

Take the IXL EffectTM to the next level by striving for mastery

IXL is designed to support students toward authentic skill mastery, and research shows this approach works. When students consistently reach proficiency and mastery of IXL skills, schools see as much as a 16-point bump on state assessments.


Experience IXL for Math and ELA

Enhance learning in both math and ELA with IXL

Research shows that schools achieve even greater performance gains when they support student learning with both IXL Math and IXL ELA.

Use IXL across all grade levels

Implement IXL consistently across all grades

Schools that use IXL across all grade levels see greater growth on state assessments.


Grow more every year with IXL

The longer you use IXL, the greater the IXL EffectTM

IXL schools are outperforming the others, and the longer they use IXL, the better they do. Research shows that school performance continues to improve after using IXL for 2 and 3 years.


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