Curriculum that complements your instruction

IXL supports student success in whichever subject, grade, or standard you teach. All of our content is designed with clearly mapped building blocks that introduce new concepts at the right time and in the perfect order, guiding students toward fluency in core subjects.


Pre-K to Calculus

Build a strong foundation in math with IXL's comprehensive and rigorous content. With a literally infinite number of questions to practice, students will always have new ways to learn math.
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Language arts

Pre-K to 12th grade

Mastering grammar, vocabulary, and writing just got a lot more fun with IXL, which makes language arts engaging in a way that textbooks simply can't.
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2nd to 8th grade

Fuel students' curiosity with IXL Science. Interactive questions and thousands of real-life photos and examples challenge them to approach problems critically and inquisitively.
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Social Studies

2nd to 8th grade

Bring history to life with IXL's compelling narratives, primary source texts, and captivating skills, which make social studies more than just memorizing facts and dates.
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Level 1

Lay the groundwork for Spanish fluency and prepare students to communicate both inside and outside the classroom with interactive content, engaging audio, and real-world narratives.
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Comprehensive curriculum

With 7,000 skills across all subjects and fully aligned to the Common Core and all state standards, IXL has the content to support your teaching.

Dynamic, adaptive learning

IXL supports students as they set their own pace toward fluency, with carefully scaffolded content generated at the right level of rigor for each learner.

Captivating content

On IXL, learning is fun but focused. Our interactive content is inherently intriguing, igniting students' innate curiosity—no gimmicks or distractions needed.
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I love your product, students love your product, and parents love your product. I implemented IXL for enrichment, remediation, and practice as a complement to traditional 'chalk and talk' instruction. Cumulatively, my students have completed an additional 23,000 math problems in addition to their bookwork and worksheets. Students are more engaged and practicing more than they ever have.
Lance Ashley Davis, teacher, Tallahassee, Florida

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Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your school.

Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your district.